Student Awards and Scholarships

Student Prizes

ESA student members are eligible for a wide range of prizes by presenting a poster or paper at the ESA Annual Conference. These include:

  • ESA Marilyn Fox Award for best inaugural presentation at a conference
  • ESA Wiley-Blackwell Student prizes for Outstanding spoken presentations (3 awards)
  • ESA Wiley-Blackwell Student prizes for Outstanding poster presentations (2 awards)
  • Wiley-Blackwell/EMR prize for a spoken presentation on management or restoration
  • Wiley-Blackwell/EMR prize for a poster presentation on management or restoration
  • Society for Conservation Biology Prize for a spoken paper on conservation
  • Australian Flora Foundation Prizes for best spoken and poster presentations on the biology or cultivation of Australian native plants.

All eligible presentations are assessed by at least three people from a pool of judges. Spoken presentations are judged using criteria such as structure, clarity and appropriate timing of presentation, sufficient background to place the work in context, clarity of objectives and methods, logical and credible interpretation of results and justified conclusions, as well as on competence with handling questions. Judges of poster presentations are generally looking for posters with a well-designed, logical layout that is not too complex or cluttered, as well as for those important aspects of content such as background, objectives, clarity of results and appropriate interpretation. Poster presenters may also be judged of how well they answer questions and engage with enquirers.

As a general rule, reports of work in progress are treated equally with completed studies, though all content and presentation criteria are considered. Presentation criteria are generally given more weight than content criteria in judging for ESA prizes, although clearly the best talks/posters would have to do well against both types of criteria.

Winners are announced at the closing ceremony of the conference and presented with their prize. ESA invites winners to submit their abstract for inclusion on the ESA website. To be eligible for prizes make sure you indicate your student status when submitting your abstract. Note also that if you wish to be eligible for a student prize DO NOT register to present a speed talk.